euro lights/ecodes

Chewy4000 at Chewy4000 at
Fri May 24 16:32:22 EDT 2002

Not exactly, but he know my area and if he needs a hand theres plenty here.
I just meant I cant see were 90$ or so some people claim wasting. Maybe top notch relays overpriced wire, who knows.

Newark NJ

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>At 2:28 PM -0400 5/24/02, Chewy4000 at wrote:
>>I dont know you guys, but techy people have these parts always laying aroun=
>>I installed my home made harness in about 3-4 hrs.
>>Not much money needed if any.
>Then we will just assume you intend to donate the parts that Dan
>Simoes doesn't happen to have "laying around"??
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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