Big Tires- Sumitomo HTR-ZII 255/40R17

TM t44tq at
Fri May 24 17:39:26 EDT 2002

Thanks to Scott Justusson, Bob Rossato, Chris Miller and Igor Kessel,
(and anyone else I forgot) I am now running on Sumitomo HTR-ZII

I only have a few hundred miles on the tires right now, but they are so
quiet compared to my worn-out AVS Sports that sounded like truck tires.
Now the car seems to ride much smoother and definitely a lot quieter.
Apparently, the sidewalls are not as stiff on these compared to the

I have not yet really pushed them hard so I don't know how they handle-
next week I'll autox on them and report back.

I don't know if this is the "wrinkle" that others have mentioned, but my
driver's side rear wheelwell liner hangs a bit low on the outer edge and
it rubs the tire on a heavy load. It's just plastic, so it's not a big
everything clears just fine otherwise. About 1cm clearance between the
and the steering knuckle in the front, definitely less than that in the
fender clearance, but will not rub even with the suspension fully

My car has H&R 29800 springs and Bilstein sport shocks, so unless you
springs that lower the car even more, I don't think it would be a

I would not advise trying any R-compound tires in this size, though- the
225/45R17 Kumho V700 are wider than 235 street tires so it would be
not to even consider anything wider than a 235 in that and Hoosiers run
wider than the Kumhos.


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