Shock recommendations?

Bryan Foster bfoster at
Fri May 24 18:48:51 EDT 2002

Does anyone have any recommendations for shocks for our cars?  I am
looking for a stock ride, nothing too stiff as I drive in the city alot.

I know Boge Turbo Gas is a good replacement.  Blau sells a set of 4 for
$389.  Is this a good price?  If not, where else could I check for these
shocks?  I also read something about the '90 V8 shocks being the same as
the '91 200.  Will I have better luck asking for V8 shocks?  Already went
through some hassle trying to get a quote from

Finally, are there other suspension components I should think about
replacing in addition to the shocks?  I don't want to go overboard, but I
do want a tight ride, and no problems later on.

Thanks for your help,
Bryan Foster

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