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Vincenzo Basile Bleaf1 at
Fri May 24 21:06:39 EDT 2002

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Hi all,
I recently sent out my(III+) ecu to IA as part of the group.I plugged it in=
 and it seems when I get to the point of making hi  boost the power complet=
ely shuts down(hesitates)then starts back up again.I called Ned and he said=
 it definitely sounds like a hose problem,but my car never done this before=
 and also the hoses all seem pretty good.Does any body have an idea of what=
 else I should be checking for.Also there seems to be no change in first an=
d second gear is that normal?well second I slightly see a difference,but it=
s hard to tell with the slight hesitation in that gear then it just progres=
ses in the other gears

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