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Fri May 24 21:32:18 EDT 2002

At 8:06 PM -0400 5/24/02, Vincenzo Basile wrote:

>I recently sent out my(III+) ecu to IA as part of the group.I
>plugged it in and it seems when I get to the point of making hi
>boost the power completely shuts down(hesitates)then starts back up
>again.I called Ned and he said it definitely sounds like a hose

He's probably right.  First hose to check is the michellin man hose;
remove it from the car(it's easy)...clean it up completely inside and
out and look for cracks, particularly on the bottom side where oil
pools(yes, some oil there is normal, particularly if the hose has
never been removed.)  Push/pull/prod the hose and examine under good

If that one is fine, the lower turbo->intercooler hose might have
failed; not as common, however.

One helpful and dead giveaway is fresh oil residue; oil vapor tends
to collect around leaks and then starts attracting dirt.  Not a
guaranteed thing to look for(clean doesn't mean it isn't leaking),
but anywhere you see oil+dirt on intake stuff, give that area some

Wouldn't hurt to double-check all hose clamps and such.

Don't keep pushing it, except for testing if you've fixed the
problem.  If it -is- a leak, then every time it leaks, the engine
runs really rich...and then when it starts running lean again, the
catalytic converters can overheat.

>but my car never done this before and also the hoses all seem pretty good

"pretty good" doesn't count; they have to be perfect, no
leaks...particularly with a chip.

>.Does any body have an idea of what else I should be checking for.

High octane gas (91+) is a requirement even in stock form; don't run
anything less.  Make sure your turbo bypass valve is working and does
not leak; the control line that runs from the back of the intake
manifold to the valve should be checked as well; it tends to fail
right near the bottom of its run underneath the metal heat
shield(mine turned hard enough that you could break off little pieces
of the hose.)

Let us know what you find...if you come up empty handed, we might be
able to recommend some other places to look.

Also, see; Scott has some great info there,
including "The ABC's of running high boost", exactly what you're
looking for.

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