Shock recommendations?

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Fri May 24 23:03:28 EDT 2002

At 5:48 PM -0400 5/24/02, Bryan Foster wrote:
>Does anyone have any recommendations for shocks for our cars?  I am
>looking for a stock ride, nothing too stiff as I drive in the city alot.
>I know Boge Turbo Gas is a good replacement.  Blau sells a set of 4 for
>$389.  Is this a good price?  If not, where else could I check for these
>shocks?  I also read something about the '90 V8 shocks being the same as
>the '91 200.  Will I have better luck asking for V8 shocks?  Already went
>through some hassle trying to get a quote from

I should think nothing could be better than stock Boge shocks for a
"stock" ride. I bought my set of 4 Boge shocks a few yrs ago from and had no trouble getting a quote. I don't recall how much
they cost, but since I've never found Blau to be low or (lowest) on
anything I've ever checked, I'd expect that you could do better than

Oh, here I just found what I paid (from RD Enterprises, which is the
same as, I believe): $269 for 4 Boge turbo gas shocks. So I
hold to my opinion of Blau.

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