Shock recommendations?

TM t44tq at
Fri May 24 23:24:38 EDT 2002

Combination of several things that affect ride quality.

Are you sure you're running 245/45? That's a pretty tall tire to put
on our cars. Not 235/45, which is still too tall?

The biggest factor that I've noticed affecting ride quality is unsprung
weight. The lightweight forged 15s that came originally on the car are
nice in that regard, but the limited availability of decent tires really
these days.

Greg's old Borbet Type Cs are a bit lighter than your Ronals and those
probably have a pretty stiff sidewall, considering they are Firestone's
performance tire.

I'll bet that if you went to a Porsche brake setup w/ a composite rotor
and something
like SSR Integrals for wheels, you'll notice an immediate improvement in
ride quality.

The sidewall stiffness also makes a difference, but if you go too soft,
I'd worry about
sidewall integrity and load bearing capacity.

That said, my Sumitomos are much nicer riding than my old AVS Sports,
but I don't know
how they handle just yet and I upsized significantly- 225/45 to 255/40.


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