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Fri May 24 12:18:11 EDT 2002

Dan, my monitoring of harness experience over the years leads me to conclude that there is no reason not to do your own.  It requires three items:  the schematic on the 20v site, a trip to the dealer, and a trip to pep boys.  Actually two trips to the dealer because they will need to order the connectors you want.  But basically all you are after is two relays, three colors of 14 gauge wire, a handfull of the usual crimp-on connections, a pair of fuses, and the pair of factory connectors for the back of the lights.   Go for some spiral wire wrap, add some cable ties, and you wind up with something much nicer than any of the "ready-made" harnesses.  Waterproof fuses and relays are nice.

But the schematic on is really nice.


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> I think there are 3 people interested in these right now.
> If I can get one more person, I can get them for $269 a side plus
> shipping, down from $289 a side.
> Let me know if you want in.
> Also, what is everyone doing for harnesses?  I know of the
> Blau product,
> but I recall Brett wasn't happy with it (am I surprised?) but I also
> don't see a few wires and connectors being worth $150.
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