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Fri May 24 23:42:09 EDT 2002

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I'll chime in here.  My first relay experience was in 1981 with my prorally
scirocco.  Rally guru Gene Henderson (the founder of competition limitied)
shared that I should put the relays inside the car, I've done that ever
since.  Relays are like points, you expose them to elements (*anywhere* under
hood) the failure rate is higher.  The best way to mount them is to remove
the glove box and find a location for them for seviceability.  On my 87
T44tqw I removed the glove box, then the trim on the right side, and mounted
the internally fused relays there.  I overkilled it, as I put 4 fuse block
under ther rear seat, AND used fused relays (mit 4x10guage wire).  On the
urq, I put the relays behind the glove box (a/c delete) with plug in
connectors (low beam relay fails, unplug high beam relay, plug in low beam
connector = done).  12 guage wire is enough as well, 1 line for hi's one for

I'm NOT at all a  fan of using the jump post as the 12v feed, handy as it may
be.  Halogen bulb life is directly correlated to a constant voltage.  Nothing
beats the big-*ss capacitor audi puts under the rear seat.  If you use the
jump post, you expose the relays to the elements as well as to a massive
fluctuating voltage source.   Since that jump feed comes from the starter, a
massive spike is immenent if you start car with the lights in the "on"
position.   It's a bigger PITA to mount the relays in the cabin (double your
install times boys), but know that Audisport did it NO other way from the get
go on all the rally cars with those clusters of massive landing lights.  I've
found nothing in my DNF audisport library that includes a "light" problem
from this philosophy

After 25years of messing with relays and lights, it's really nice to do an
install once, and forget about it.   Reinforcing the addage:  "Do it right
the first time"

my .02
Scott Justusson

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How timely. I've just about finished accumulating the bits and pieces to
install my Euros. Hopefully I won't regret this. I'd say I spent about $80
so far, (a few extra pieces included) so from a money standpoint, the
savings will not be great for me. I've been looking around the engine bay
for a location for the relays (I plan to use 2 relays)  I was considering
putting the relays in the air box, since it is right next to the power
source. Is that a really stupid idea? I haven't looked inside the box yet
for feasibility.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA
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> I attempted to build my own harness, using the factory spade connectors
> in the factory
> headlamp connector plug, relays, etc. Parts cost was well over $50,
> probably closer to
> $90, found out I wired it wrong, said screw it and ordered the harness
> from Blau.
> To do it right, it will cost you at least $100.
> Taka

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