Shock recommendations?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat May 25 00:01:43 EDT 2002

At 10:24 PM -0400 5/24/02, TM wrote:

>Combination of several things that affect ride quality.

Of course.  Didn't mean to imply it was any one single factor...

>Are you sure you're running 245/45? That's a pretty tall tire to put
>on our cars. Not 235/45, which is still too tall?

Just went down and checked...235/45.  And it ain't too tall, IMHO :-)

>The biggest factor that I've noticed affecting ride quality is unsprung
>weight. The lightweight forged 15s that came originally on the car are
>quite nice in that regard, but the limited availability of decent tires really
>hurts these days.

Agreed, 100%.

>Greg's old Borbet Type Cs are a bit lighter than your Ronals

Yeah, a bit..but nothing like 15lb versus 29lb :-)

>I'll bet that if you went to a Porsche brake setup w/ a composite rotor

Hah.  Hahah.  Hahahaahahahahahaa.  A pair of those composite rotors
would probably double the car's value :-)

>and something like SSR Integrals for wheels, you'll notice an
>immediate improvement in ride quality.

At some point, finances providing, I would like to find lighter
wheels; problem is, I'm super fussy about what wheels I like.

>That said, my Sumitomos are much nicer riding than my old AVS Sports,

Good to know; perhaps when the SZ50's are worn down, I'll give the
Sumitomos a try; I had my eye on them before the Ronal+SZ50's came up
for sale anyway; inexpensive, and lots of good things being said
about 'em.

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