Shock recommendations?

TM t44tq at
Sat May 25 00:40:55 EDT 2002

Never meant to put words in your mouth. :-)

IMHO, 235/45 is not a proper plus size, closest really is
225/45, but my preference is to go to a slightly smaller diameter
rather than a larger one as I don't want to gear the car taller than
it already is.

By composite rotor, I didn't mean the ceramic metal-matrix rotors
of the PCCB system, but rather simple two-piece rotors, such as the
Colemans. Big weight savings if you use an aluminum hat.

SSR Integrals are about 18lbs. in 17x8, only 3 lbs. more than stock.
The Competitions are about 15 lbs., so they're even. Of course, the
tires will weigh more, but can be slightly offset w/ two-piece brake
rotors and lighter calipers and the larger brake rotors will weigh more
again. Still think you can manage the same unsprung weight if you're

I was seriously thinking about getting Bridgestone S-03 Pole Positions
in 255/40, but decided to be cheap. :-)


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