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Sat May 25 00:43:34 EDT 2002

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14 guage is getting thin.  Let's do some math.  Assuming you use the 55/65
or 55/100 euros, you have:
55x2 = 110w/12v = 9.1amps
65x2 = 130w/12v = 10.8 amps
100x2 = 200w/12v = 16.6 amps

So, let's string 14guage...

LOW BEAM  9.1amps = max distance = 12feet with a 5% voltage drop
(12.8alt/feed x5% = 12.16v at the lamp) ......   Probably a min, and this
assumes a voltage tap under hood.

HI BEAM(65w) 10.8 amps = max distance = 10 feet with a 5% voltage drop
(12.8alt/feet x 5% = 12.16v at the lamp)

HI BEAM (100w) 16,6amps = max distance  = WRONG WIRE

12guage can string 10 feet at 17amps, 10guage can string 16feet....

Make sure you measure your string...  It's longer than you think.


Scott J

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Hull at writes:

But basically all you are after is two relays, three colors of 14 gauge wire,
a handfull of the usual crimp-on connections, a pair of fuses, and the pair
of factory connectors for the back of the lights.   Go for some spiral wire
wrap, add some cable ties, and you wind up with something much nicer than any
of the "ready-made" harnesses.  Waterproof fuses and relays are nice.

But the schematic on is really nice.


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