Shock recommendations?

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The speedo difference is negligible, as you indicated. However the
theoretical nominal circumference (and hence the speedo's reduced readings)
are actually greater than the +-0.5% you indicated, as follows:

225/45 = + 0.46%
235/45 = + 1.8%
255/40 = + 0.6%

However, actual size of tires (which will often be different to nominal
stated) and tire wear will cause a greater variance in gearing than the
percentages shown above.


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I agree with the unsprung weight issue.  I've got very heavy duty
Compomotive 17 x 8 wheels -- but they are also quite heavy compared to the
stock lightweight BBS wheels (combined wheel + tire weight was 44 lbs for
17" combo and 27 lbs for 15" combo, if I remember correctly), which makes
them ~62% heavier.  I've found this to be more of an issue on suspension
rebound than acceleration (seat of the paint measurements).

Whether 235/45 17 or 225/45 17 tires, you're looking at +-0.5% speedo
difference over stock 215/60 15's (and you wish our speedos were that
accurate).  I think 235/45 17 is the accepted 17" upgrade size.  I'm still
marveling at your 255/40 17 size! But you made a good choice with the Sumos

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