Low Boost? SOLVED!

Chrisellenhem at aol.com Chrisellenhem at aol.com
Sun May 26 11:35:12 EDT 2002

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Hello Everyone,

For all those losing sleep over my high boost/'bucking' topic of a week ago,
you can finally get some rest as I've unraveled the mystery!  And - I'm
embarrassed to admit - it was a simple has having the incorrect spark plugs
installed by PO!  I had read all the warnings/discussions - particularly Mr.
Mockery's - about the pitfalls of NOT using the Bosch F5DPOR plugs but had my
doubts (no abusive comments please...).  Decided it was a good place to start
in replacing hardware and Viola!  Now routinely getting 1.7Bar - and for the
first time see 1.8 - with not a hint of flutter/bucking!  I am now a

With regard to the infamous loosened plugs, have all the victims been
actually torquing them to the Bentley spec of 30 N-m (22 lb-ft)?  I have
always trusted my 'feel' using a standard length 3/8" drive ratchet for fear
of destroying aluminum threads in what I'm certain is a very costly cylinder
head; decided in this instance to 'torque-to-spec' and was astounded at just
how 'tight' the spec feels - could barely move them with the ratchet
afterwards!  Could this be the source of most people's repeated problem?
Breakaway torque of the plugs removed (which I had previously R&R'd by
'feel') was nearly 'unmeasureable'; <5lb-ft...

Thanks for everybody's advise/help - now see if I can get away with the ECU
upgrade w/o new boost issues...

Chris Hemberger
Hebron, CT
91 200q-20v Avant (78k)

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