Shock recommendations?

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Mon May 27 02:56:45 EDT 2002

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> At 7:26 AM -0600 5/26/02, Mike Miller wrote:
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> >>  If you want a similar ride to stock, do not get Bilstein HD's.
> >>  They are nothing like stock shocks.
> >>
> >>  Ed
> >>  Colorado Springs
> >
> >Ed is certainly right here. The ride is nothing lik stock. I replaced my
> >Boges with Bilstein HDs a couple yrs ago. The car is incredibly more
> >at speed. Gone is that "floating" feeling at 120+. I would say the ride
> >not any harsher, it just feels more solid. I am very pleased with the
> >difference.
> >
> >I have to confess though that I have never driven a 91 200q with new
boges -
> >mine had over 100k on them when replaced. Although they still seemed to
> >good, at that mileage I would suspect they were getting tired.
> Imagine that: the new Bilsteins actually improved the ride stability
> compared to your 100K+ Boge shocks? And you "suspect" the 100K+ Boge
> shocks "were getting tired"? How _could_ that be, I wonder?
> Phil

Perhaps I did not mention that I had driven the Boges for over 60k before I
replaced them..  Maybe, just maybe, they werent worn out or "tired" at the
beginning of that 60k+. IMO, no comparison between Boges and Bilsteins.


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