Shock recommendations?

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>>  >>  If you want a similar ride to stock, do not get Bilstein HD's.
>>  >>  They are nothing like stock shocks.
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>>  >>  Ed
>>  >>  Colorado Springs
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>>  >Ed is certainly right here. The ride is nothing lik stock. I replaced my
>>  >Boges with Bilstein HDs a couple yrs ago. The car is incredibly more
>>  >at speed. Gone is that "floating" feeling at 120+. I would say the ride
>>  >not any harsher, it just feels more solid. I am very pleased with the
>>  >difference.
>>  >
>>  >I have to confess though that I have never driven a 91 200q with new
>boges -
>>  >mine had over 100k on them when replaced. Although they still seemed to
>>  >good, at that mileage I would suspect they were getting tired.
>>  Imagine that: the new Bilsteins actually improved the ride stability
>>  compared to your 100K+ Boge shocks? And you "suspect" the 100K+ Boge
>>  shocks "were getting tired"? How _could_ that be, I wonder?
>>  Phil
>Perhaps I did not mention that I had driven the Boges for over 60k before I
>replaced them..  Maybe, just maybe, they werent worn out or "tired" at the
>beginning of that 60k+. IMO, no comparison between Boges and Bilsteins.

When I replaced my car's old (110K mile) Boges with new Boges, I,
too, was very pleased with "the difference"--i.e., a more solid feel,
and much less body roll. I although I don't doubt that new Bilsteins
would cause even more marked ride differences (improvements), it's
hard to imagine they could be the best choice to merely restore the
car's "stock" performance. If you're saying that it's worth some
extra cost to go beyond the stock performance level, I would tend to
agree, although that would not be true for many (casual) owners.

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