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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon May 27 12:55:51 EDT 2002

At 11:02 AM -0700 5/27/02, motogo1 wrote:
>I finally started my Euro headlight project. Removed one old headlight
>without problem, and removed the 'trim' plates. Those flat metal pieces on
>top and bottom of the headlight, that slide in place with three prongs.
>Slide these into the Euros and whoa, this doesn't look right. The screw
>holes don't line up and the front of the trim plate sticks out about 1/4 "
>or more in front of the headlight. The big QUESTION is, do Euros require
>different trim plates. (or whatever this things are called, that the trim
>attaches too).

Yes. They are different and are generally included as part of the
eurolight assembly. There was a thread here on just this topic a few
weeks ago.

These are the eorolight-specific p/n I sent to AUDIJIM, who evidently
found himself in the same situation as you:

447 941 045	 upper (left) retaining (trim) bracket
447 941 046	upper right retaining bracket

447 941 045D	lower (left) retaining bracket
447 941 046D	lower (right) retaining brkt



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