Vincenzo Basile Bleaf1 at
Mon May 27 22:15:23 EDT 2002

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hi guys,
As I wrote to you guys a couple days ago about the problem I am Having afte=
r installing the IA III+(hesitation during high boost),I disconnected all h=
oses reattached with new clamps(lots of oil blowing out around all the hose=
s before) now no oil spilling out around ends of hoses and I'm still gettin=
g the hesitation although now I see a power increase in second gear also.wh=
at happens is boost is gone then boost comes back on happens twice if you l=
eave open in high gear.I guess what I'm saying is can't be the hoses so now=
 where do I look?Chevy said he had  the same problem,but was a metal distri=
butor,also could it have anything to do with a bad o2 sensor?

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