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You mentioned a lot of oil.
I had that problem after track running at high rpm.
My former engine 200 k. km were worn and when a slush of oil
arrived at the intake (through crankcase breather system) the
octane level of the air/fuel mix dropped, so the knock sensors
retards the timing with a temporary loss of power as result.
I could use 1/2 liter of Mobil 1 at 10 laps.
Just a possibility -
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hi guys,
As I wrote to you guys a couple days ago about the problem I am Having after installing the IA III+(hesitation during high boost),I disconnected all hoses reattached with new clamps(lots of oil blowing out around all the hoses before) now no oil spilling out around ends of hoses and I'm still getting the hesitation although now I see a power increase in second gear also.what happens is boost is gone then boost comes back on happens twice if you leave open in high gear.I guess what I'm saying is can't be the hoses so now where do I look?Chevy said he had  the same problem,but was a metal distributor,also could it have anything to do with a bad o2 sensor?

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