Shock recommendations?

martinkuetzing at martinkuetzing at
Tue May 28 06:05:50 EDT 2002

Here's a comment on my experiences with Bilstein HD's.

I had a chance to do a (more or less) side-by-side
comparison between two 200q20v's: one with new Boge's &
stock springs and one (mine) with Bilsteins & Eibach
springs.  The conditions were curvy two-lane roads, as
fast a you cared to go.  Both owners drove each others
car - and the other owner also races his own highly
modified Porsche 911.  Both cars had standard 15" BBS
wheels & Yokohama AVS S4-V tires.

The Boge/stock spring combo was a much more comfortable
ride, but rolled alot in the curves.  The body roll gave
the impression of less control.  The other guy drove so
hard, it was a little, no definitely, scary, but neither
car came even close to loosing control.

The Bilstein/Eibach combo really reduced the body roll
to hardly noticeable.  Both he and I commented on how
much of a positive handling difference this combo has.

Early on, I had the Koni/H&R combo in my car.  This
combo absolutely had the best handling, but sadly, the
roughest ride.  In fact, it was so rough, I switched to

But, I do have a question for you Bilstein owners.  In
the last 5-8K miles, the Bilsteins/Eibach combo (now
with about 30K miles on them) have gotten rougher &
rougher.  These shocks are clearly still "damping", but
something is different.  Have any of you Bilstein owner
noticed this phenomenon?

I have heard of Koni sports shocks either wearing out or
requiring adjustment in 30K miles, but not Bilsteins!
Does this ring any bells for anyone?



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