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Tue May 28 11:55:42 EDT 2002

I've always thought that Amsoil stood for American Soil Products!

All lub and fuel oils originate from crude oil feed stocks, unless you are
using Wesson oil.  Refining processes and additives may differ among brands,
but the word "Synthetic" is what you pay an extra $5. per quart for.

I've always run what ever is on sale, as long as it meets API SH specs, and
change it at 10K intervals (+/- 2K) only because that interval is easy to
remember.  But I'm also an advocate of the never change oil philosphy.  Run
the car for 100K to 150K and trade up, recomending this to my son who is a
mechanical klutz.


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> Subject: Amsoil
> Anyone out there use Amsoil products?
> I've heard that they are a true synthetic whereas other brands on the
> market contain just enough sythetic content to be able to use
> "synthetic" in their name.  Amsoil claims, as a result, their motor oil
> can go 25,000 miles/1 year between changes... gear lube is lifetime...
> As always, I'd believe any of you over what other people will tell me,
> especially info on their website...
> -RJM-
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