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Tue May 28 12:09:43 EDT 2002

> but the word "Synthetic" is what you pay an extra $5. per quart for.

Currently running, as I have for years, Mobil 1... and generally paying
about $3.60 a quart.  Not sure who is selling synthetic for $6.30 a quart
but you might have some luck with Google using this search:

+"Red Line" +"$6.30"

> I've always run what ever is on sale, as long as it meets API SH specs, and
> change it at 10K intervals (+/- 2K) only because that interval is easy to
> remember.  But I'm also an advocate of the never change oil philosphy.  Run
> the car for 100K to 150K and trade up, recomending this to my son who is a
> mechanical klutz.

Another search:

+"Audi" +"for sale" -exclude Bernie-

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