Stalling problem

Joseph Vanzeipel vanzeipel at
Tue May 28 13:44:11 EDT 2002

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Hello everyone, I've had quite a drive home.  I've been looking at apartmen=
ts for my girlfriend and I when my beloved 200q20v starts to go south.  At =
almost every intersection I pull up upon, she stalls and dies.  I've been a=
ble to restart right away with no trouble, but i have to blip the throttle =
to keep it from stalling.  Luckly, I made it home and only scared one guy w=
ho was trying to cross the street in front of me.

Here are the symptoms:
- Always starts within a few cranks of the starter when the engine is cold
- Never bogs or stalls when the engine is cold (idles at around 900rpm)
- Takes a second longer to start when the engine is warm
- Always have to blip the gas pedal to keep it form stalling when the engin=
e is warm
- The car "bucks" (I press the gas, the car bogs for a moment then surges f=
orward) only for a minute after it is started when cold
- Now it wants to stall anytime I take my foot off the gas when stopped (on=
ly when the engine is hot)

I haven't had a chance to open it up.  I replaced the bypass valve over a y=
ear ago, so I know that isn't suspect.  I thought I might try to clean out =
the ISV, but I know that I cleaned that with carb cleaner last summer, hmm,=
 maybe defective?  Once the engine is cools down and I have the time (tomor=
row afternoon) then I can open it up.  I suspect a vacuum leak or some sort=
 of sticky valve.

Thanks a bunch,
Joseph Vanzeipel
200q20v 121k

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