Intake Air Temp Sensor

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue May 28 14:21:41 EDT 2002

Hey all,

Been getting a fault code for the above for some time now and hoping
somebody might have some input.  Fault code comes back consistently after
clearing the codes, however when checking resistance both at the sensor, and
at the ECU harness end, resistance comes back within spec.  Notice the check
engine light coming on intermitently while driving, and as the only fault
code ever stored is for the temp sensor, I assume check engine light is
illumnating when a fault is sensed.

Tried today to check resistance at both ends of the connections (sensor and
ECU) when the check engine light was on, and again resistance was fine.

Car is getting a max boost of 1.5 as per the dash gauge, but mileage does
not seem to be suffering (overall average of around 20-21 and still seeing
26ish on freeway continuous).  Connections at the temp sensor do not appear
frayed, and are still soldered/spot welded as per factory, and the spring
tension at the ECU connector seemed fine as well.  Also can notice some very
subtle surging on acceleration at a given throttle position, whether from
timing or boost changes don't know.

Does anybody know where the sensor attaches to a ground, or for that matter
have any other suggestions?  On a different note, I'm also going to check
for vacuum leaks this week.

Derek P

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