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Kinda takes the "If it ain't broke -- Don't fix it" approach too far IMO.
If you're taking NA motors OK, but for turbo motors I would definitely
disagree unless you were running synthetic and mostly highway miles.

"Advocate of never change oil philosophy."  I'm guessing you just keep on
adding oil then until the filter clogs or letting the motor run dry
eventually?   Motor:  Why fix it?  Just replace it!


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> I've always run what ever is on sale, as long as it meets API SH specs,
> change it at 10K intervals (+/- 2K) only because that interval is easy to
> remember.  But I'm also an advocate of the never change oil philosphy.
> the car for 100K to 150K and trade up, recomending this to my son who is a
> mechanical klutz.
> Bernie

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