brake bleeding

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Tue May 28 19:55:40 EDT 2002

Audi recommends pressure bleeding (I use the
Eezibleed:  When you do a two-man
brake bleeding by having one person pump the pedal and hold it while the
other opens and then closes the bleeder, there's a possibility of pushing
the pedal beyond its normal travel, and therefore, moving the piston in the
master cylinder beyond its normal travel.  It's possible the bore of the MC
can have corrosion/debris in those areas outside the normal amount of
travel for the piston,  which might lead to hastening the demise of the
seals on the piston.

At 02:29 PM 05/28/2002 -0400, Joshua C wrote:

>This weekend I am planning on installing new pads/rotors and rear calipers.
>I will obviously be changing the fluid, I even got different colored ATE
>fluid so I can tell when its all fresh.  Now I have never done this before.
>My friend who has a lift says no problem you don't need any fancy tools to
>bleed them.  When I look at Chris Millers site it describes two gadgets to
>bleed brakes, are theese only necessary when doing a one man job or is my
>buddy mistaken.
>thanks in advance-Josh
>91 200tq avant
>Alfa Romeo GTV
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