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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue May 28 22:57:09 EDT 2002

At 7:53 PM -0500 5/28/02, Steve Crosbie wrote:
>     My '91 200 does not have the breather hose like on my 5k's or on
>Scott Mockry's web site.  There is the very short hose connecting the
>pipe coming out of the block to a metal pipe (about 1" outer diameter)
>that takes a 45 degree bend toward the block (toward passengers side)
>and then a 45 degree bend to the back of the engine where it flares down
>to a smaller diameter  that bends back towards the passengers side
>again.  It ends width rubber again in the middle of the back of the
>engine block.  Looks like an improvement over the all rubber one.  May
>have been changed by PO who had the car dealer serviced only - could be
>upgraded to the 20v naturally aspirated engine part you mentioned.
>  Looks like it may almost never need replacing since the rubber
>connector is very thick and short and does not look like it is seeing
>much heat stress.

This sounds like a DIY modification by the PO. Of course Audi may
have recently done a factory upgrade of that hose, but at this late
date I rather doubt that. Anyone else ever seen a rubber/metal
composite breather hose for the 3B engine? How recently could that
hose have been installed (by PO), Dan?


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