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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue May 28 23:55:23 EDT 2002

At 9:57 PM -0400 5/28/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 7:53 PM -0500 5/28/02, Steve Crosbie wrote:
>>     My '91 200 does not have the breather hose like on my 5k's or on
>>Scott Mockry's web site.  There is the very short hose connecting the
>>pipe coming out of the block to a metal pipe (about 1" outer diameter)
>>that takes a 45 degree bend toward the block (toward passengers side)
>>and then a 45 degree bend to the back of the engine where it flares down
>>to a smaller diameter  that bends back towards the passengers side
>>again.  It ends width rubber again in the middle of the back of the
>>engine block.  Looks like an improvement over the all rubber one.  May
>>have been changed by PO who had the car dealer serviced only - could be
>>upgraded to the 20v naturally aspirated engine part you mentioned.
>>  Looks like it may almost never need replacing since the rubber
>>connector is very thick and short and does not look like it is seeing
>>much heat stress.
>This sounds like a DIY modification by the PO. Of course Audi may
>have recently done a factory upgrade of that hose, but at this late
>date I rather doubt that. Anyone else ever seen a rubber/metal
>composite breather hose for the 3B engine?

Our 5kCST(obviously not 3B) had a "hybrid"(composite? :-) metal and
rubber hose.  The metal part was located exactly where the hose
usually collapses.

Only problem is that pretty much the entire lower part of the hose
rots if left alone long enough.  When I did the hose on my car, the
hose was so badly deteriorated that it didn't pull off the car
cleanly; tore right near the attachment to the block.  Perhaps they
switched to a more suitable rubber as well? The one on the 5k seemed
fine after many miles+years, except for some rust on the metal part

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