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Tue May 28 21:30:59 EDT 2002

Not German humour, this is right out of the Mercedes insider's handbook!

I speak for myself in all honesty on this subject.  As for my son, I have
seriously suggested the "never oil change" philosphy to him as being most
suitable for his capabilities, but cars are like religion in our family,
never discussed.


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> Sorry,  I didn't realize this was B. Benz humour.  So very very dry....
> Ingo
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>> I change oil on 10K and Orange filters on 20K intervals on my 200-20V.
>> Yeh, my son adds a qt to his NA Audis when the light comes on.  What else
>> are those idiot lites for?
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>>> Bernie,
>>> Kinda takes the "If it ain't broke -- Don't fix it" approach too far
> IMO.
>>> If you're taking NA motors OK, but for turbo motors I would definitely
>>> disagree unless you were running synthetic and mostly highway miles.
>>> "Advocate of never change oil philosophy."  I'm guessing you just keep
> on
>>> adding oil then until the filter clogs or letting the motor run dry
>>> eventually?   Motor:  Why fix it?  Just replace it!
>>> Ingo
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>>>> I've always run what ever is on sale, as long as it meets API SH specs,
>>> and
>>>> change it at 10K intervals (+/- 2K) only because that interval is easy
> to
>>>> remember.  But I'm also an advocate of the never change oil philosphy.
>>> Run
>>>> the car for 100K to 150K and trade up, recomending this to my son who
> is a
>>>> mechanical klutz.
>>>> Bernie

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