euro lights/ecodes

Cordeiro, Alan Alan.Cordeiro at
Wed May 29 06:56:50 EDT 2002

In my experience with two cars, the jumper post gives the BEST results
and has had no side effects that I can see. It actually has a couple of
of a volt extra voltage than the battery, every little bit helps.

Use a 40 or 50 amp fusible link, comes with a lug on it, to tap off the
The relays do get affected by the salt and water, try and enclose them
but do not reduce their ability to keep themselves cool by too much.


Another lister has commented concerning the use of the jumpstart post... I
still feel you are good shape using it.  You'd be hard pressed to run your
own wiring to the battery that has equivalent or better current capacity.
Voltage drop (and the resulting decrease in lamp lifespan) shouldn't be a
real issue either (when activating the starter), since the headlight circuit
actually goes dead while starting anyway, and really doesn't subject your
lights to any more grief then turning them on and off, or switching from
to highs.  I'm a big fan of short wiring runs, and this method provides you
with the means to minimize.

I'll throw in the disclaimer... this is just my opinion... I don't feel it
necessarily any better or worse than other's opinions.

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