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Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed May 29 08:00:53 EDT 2002

If the pump "leaks a little" when there's a place for the pressure to
escape at the other end of its plumbing, it likely will leak a bunch more
when you stop up that place with a nonleaking rack, Dave.  I'd reseal the
pump while/before replacing the rack.

At 11:16 PM 05/28/2002 -0700, Dave Haupt wrote:

>I'm in town long enough to get one or two
>half-evenings available to look at The Beast.  I used
>ye olde quarter-eating car wash to slough off as much
>Pentosin as I could under the hood.  Then drove it
>You see, during my last out-of-town trip, my DSLB
>(Dear Sweet Lovely Bride) took the car shopping.
>Inside of one mile, it drained the Pentosin reservoir.
>  No massive wetness under the hood, oddly enough.
>Just a major mess on top of the transmission, but that
>looked fairly old, given the amount of dirt mixed in
>with it.  What strangeness!
>The rack boot was torn, and I was assuming there was
>the trouble.  After some exchanges with other
>knowledgeable list members, I decided it would be
>appropriate to really figure out where the Pentosin
>was going before plunking down six months' disposable
>income for installation of a rebuilt rack.
>So, after said thorough cleaning, we got The Beast
>home and ran it, sitting on the patch of dirt that
>serves as our driveway.  I had my DSLB turn the wheel
>right and left.  Aha!  At the rightmost extreme, I had
>her hold it against the stop, with modest pressure.
>Nothing.  But, hold the wheel against the left stop
>with modest pressure, and a flow of Pentosin roughly
>as large as you see coming from a drinking fountain,
>came burbling out of the torn boot area spilling
>directly onto the dirt below.  So that's how you lose
>a lot of fluid without filthing the car!  The pump
>still leaks, but it is a seep compared to this.
>So I will reluctantly plop down $700 for a rack
>installed by some mechanic I've never worked with
>before.  Next time I'm back in town long enough to
>figure out how to get The Best to said mechanic.
>There's some satisfaction, anyway, in at least knowing
>that I've identified what is most likely the biggest
>of the leaks.
>1989 200TQ Sedan, 148k, with self-changing hydraulic fluid
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