I need some input on this

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed May 29 08:34:28 EDT 2002

I recall reading postings from the past to the effect that the V8 5-speed
was a version of the 016 transmission and that with engines (I think, but
it may have been transmissions) from an automatic and a 5-speed sitting
side-by-side, bolt patterns were similar.

This image shows auto above and 5-speed
below:  http://catalog.exist.ru/pic/parts/VAG09105.gif

Someone who installed, I believe, a 5-speed's tranny in their auto version
had a lot of trouble adjusting the footwell to accommodate the extra pedal.

At 05:09 AM 05/29/2002 -0400, Audi Sport wrote:

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>I have posted about this before but got no replies. Can someone please let me
>see the light. I want to know if an Audi 200 20 valve manual transmission
>would fit and Audi V8 3.6 block that originally comes with a 4 speed auto.
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