Idle Stabilizer Valve, how tight?

Claus Vegener vegener at
Thu May 30 00:52:33 EDT 2002

Thank You
I found out - and it had the correct resistance of 8.1 Ohm.
And I happens to find a leak too.
The valve in the middle of the crankcase breathe hose have a
connection to a rubber-T  with the carbon canister valve and a
direct connection to manifold vacuum/boost.
The valve and the vacum line hade separated.
I had a back fire last weekend running N2O at a shift 3 - 4
e.i. closed throttle
and the rubber 90 knee from the ISV were blown a big hole - but I limped home on Gaffa Tape.
Next the airtemperature resistor were intermitting loose at
one side.
Now I hope I have repared all the damage before next event.

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> At 9:56 PM +0200 5/29/02, Claus Vegener wrote:
> >Got the code 2231 and pulled the valve. It works with 12 V on it,
> >but I am able to blow by mouth either way through it with only a
> >little resistence.
> Correct.  The rest position for the valve is with the vane actually
> past what would be fully closed; if the valve were to be activated
> slightly, -then- it would fully close.  Further turning of the vane
> would start opening it, on a different edge.
> >Shall I try the sealed adjustmentbolt ?
> Nope, they never need adjustment after being assembled...they either
> get gummed up, or die.  Have you also considered a wiring problem?
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