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Wed May 29 21:29:03 EDT 2002

At 1:32 PM -0700 5/29/02, Shayne wrote:
>I live next to a truck stop.  I am frequently there for food and gas.  I
>have overheard truckers say they change their oil between 20-30K miles on
>dino oil.

Among other things, many diesel trucks now have specialized filter
systems...consists of a very thorough(but low flow rate) filter,
usually combined with a pump...operates in parallel with the existing
filter.  Pulls darn near -everything- out of the oil that's not
supposed to be there, particle-wise.

The only remaining concerns are breakdown of the oil and/or chemistry
changes, really.  One VW diesel owner installed a similar system and
at regular intervals sent oil samples out for testing...he got at
least 10k out of the oil, if I remember correctly.

Further, some trucks have pre-oilers installed which pump oil all
around the engine for several seconds or more, to nearly eliminate
the problems associated with "dry running".

Our cars tend to run a lot hotter and put more stress on the oil;
things like hydraulic lifters are particularly fussy, it seems, with
the age of the oil.  5k miles is certainly not unreasonable for a
good synthetic oil provided it's not all high temp city driving.  If
you're curious, send out a sample of your oil for analysis next time
you reach your change interval; that'll tell quite a bit more than
anything said in this thread, really.

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