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Did the fan come on before the boil over?

The "fusible link" is a fuse in the wiring to the fan.  If it has blown or
failed (they fail with age/heat cycling under the hood), the fan will not
come on.  Easy test of the fan:  Turn on A/C.  Fan should run.

If you have no fan operation, then check the fusible link.  It's located in
a little square black box attached to a bracket that's anchored by one of
the screws holding the coolant overflow tank (where your fluid came out and
is supposed to only go in) in place.  The black box has a cover that
commonly breaks when you try to open it to inspect the fusible link.  The
link is shaped like:  [  with screws holding it into the box.  You want
either to take out one of the screws to check on the link's condition
unless you can see that it's broken.

At 08:01 PM 05/29/2002 -0400, Vincenzo Basile wrote:

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>hi list
>on top of the troubles I'm having with hesitation with IA ECU upgrade my
>car now boiled over while it was idling.It came out of the cap where I put
>antifreeze,I've heard that people change some sort of fusable link that
>causes this(no idea what this is).When car is driving temp is perfect
>,only when idling it goes up.this is the first time this happen it only
>idled maybe 10 minutes.could someone point me in the right direction to
>this problem? also I'm confused on the difference of hesitation and
>surging,I want to make sure I'm explaining the problem I'm having with my
>ECU upgrade correctly.
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