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>Had a hard brake line fitting that wouldn't come off.  Ended up replacing
>the line with pre-formed metal line; it is available at most auto parts
>stores (NAPA and AutoZone).  AutoZone also lent me a flare kit to make a
>new flare on the end of the line, but replacing the line was
>easier.  About $3 and change.

Was this front or rear?  Right or left?  Made up with metric
connectors?  Specific FLAPS part number for 200q20v or some generic
assembly that covers several vehicles?  You wouldn't believe the dolts the
local AutoZone store folks have manning their computers.  Also, they
borrowed the robber-baron pricing ethics from the local Audi
dealership.  They have to order almost everything beyond what you might
find at WalMart.

OK.  Generic replacement brake  line, available in various lengths, straight
but easily bendable in your hands to match the existing lines.  Hose has two
male fittings held on by the flare on each end; the flare is a "bubble";
i.e., rounded outwards, not flared back inwards.  Matches the end on the
short hard line attached to the factory calipers.

I bought two lines at AutoZone off a rack they have in the back (NAPA had the
same stuff, but different brand); the shorter one says:
3/16"x12" (conversion 4.7 mm x 30.5 cm)
AZE-312 European Brake Line
AGS Company, Muskegon, MI
Made in USA

I intend to use the short one to replace the line from the driver's rear
rubber brake hose at the body connection back to the distributor (803 611
755).  ETKA has no part number for this line (brake line, distributor), it
says "shorten to 222 mm".  So, the 305 mm line will be a little long, and
I'll add another bend to it.
Chris Miller, Bolton MA USA, c1j1miller at
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