Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Thu May 30 01:43:23 EDT 2002

This is one area where I will step up and say: "You're flat wrong".  I do
know more than average about diesel engines... I managed a fleet of over 400
diesel trucks for Roadway Express in Chicago for 6 years.  I routinely
provided info to Detroit Diesel on design related failures, specifically on
11.1 and 12.7 liter Series 60 engines (which were a brand new design at the
time I was there).  Fuel lubricity of diesel is far superior to that of
gasoline, and injection pump failures on this type of industrial grade engine
were quite rare.
You've got a point on the HP/cube issue, as diesels are typically detuned for

I'll never try to pitch myself as an Audi guru... but I do know my diesels


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