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I said principal use, not the only use.  If cooling were not an issue, a lub
system could be designed using only a pint.  Interfacing between moving
metal parts does not break down oil, heat does, and 95% of the heat that the
oil is subject to is heat of combustion, not friction.


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>> Only in cooling capacity.  If cooling wern't the principle use of oil in an
>> engine, any engine could be fully lubricated with less than a pint.
>> Bernie
> Not true.  If cooling were the principle use, I'd be using coolant in my
> crankcase.  Oil breaks down over time... absorbs contaminants and moisture...
> holds metal particles in suspension... and yes, cools.  Those things and
> more, as well as simply keeping metal parts from ever touching (hopefully).
> As Ingo implied... more oil capacity, the greater the timespan before all the
> above issues can lead to oil breakdown, and ultimate failure.
> These are all factual issues... I'm sure some others can back me up here.
> Take care,
> Dave
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