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> I said principal use, not the only use.  If cooling were not an issue, a lub
> system could be designed using only a pint.

I'd say that at any given moment, you've got more than a pint sitting right
under your valve cover, which would leave your oil pump dry.  I agree with
your principle, however, that an engine could be designed utilizing
significantly less capacity if the oil used were impervious to temp related

> metal parts does not break down oil, heat does,
> and 95% of the heat that the oil is subject to is heat of combustion, not
> friction.
> Bernie
Agreed... heat is the leading cause of oil breakdown.  But remember, you did
say that cooling is the principle purpose of oil in the system, implying that
its purpose is to transfer heat away from other objects/parts.

If cooling wern't the principle use of oil in an
>> engine, any engine could be fully lubricated with less than a pint.
>> Bernie

There is a difference between using oil as a "cooloant", and the need to keep
oil temps under control to avoid thermal breakdown.
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