Intake Air Temp Sensor (and now tbv)

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Thu May 30 19:28:49 EDT 2002

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When I got my 200 the TBV was kaput, but I don't remember the car stalling
at all. I replaced the TBV is short order. Power  output improved. And you
can get them aftermarket for about $30, but I don't think the dealer price
is too high either.

91 200 TQA
94 UrS4

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True enough, although either way I guess it's a bit of a bear to remove.
Also, guess what light came back on again yesterday.  I'll give ya a hint,
check engine.  Haven't pulled the codes yet, but I'm pretty sure I know what
it's about.  Any other suggestions?

Also, about the tbv, is that dealer only?  And when people have had failures
with those, was the stalling pretty consistent, or really intermitent?


Derek P

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