RS 2 parts + parts

Steve Hackett sbhack at
Thu May 30 22:37:48 EDT 2002

I can get original RS 2 parts as follows :

exhaust manifold  $675
exhaust cam  $705
RS 2 turbocharger  $1300
injectors  $90 each
pressure chip for CPU, I believe it's about $25 but I'll have to double
check if anyone is interested.

these are net prices, i.e. no markup.
I have a wholesale connection (because I maintain 4 Audi's and have had
this parts connection for many years).
I can get many parts at way below dealer cost, let me know part numbers
you're looking for and I'll check.
I'm not out to make $ from this .... just help out fellow 200q20v owners -
so don't abuse me.

Steve Hackett
'97 A6q Avant
'91 200q20v
'90 100
'88 5k s Avant

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