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> My first Q in response:  If you are thinking of doing the job yourself and
>  want to do it right, why are you looking for a means of in situ
>  IMO, a flawed plan.  Don't fix what ain't broke!  That requires detail part
>  inspection, and lots of other stuff needs PM while you are in there.  You
>  may have to rent or borrow the use of a hydraulic press to do it right, but
>  do so.

 I'm probably gonna regret this but.........

 I dont agree Bernie. I work on T44's everyday and I can't think of one
reason to remove the strut assembly on a T44 for bearing service assuming you
have the tool for  the job. Removal of the CV axles don't require it. The
brakes dont require it. The wheel speed sensors certainly dont.

 The only reasons to remove the strut assembly at all is to change the
springs and/or the strut bearings. Everything else can be serviced or PM'd
with the strut in place. Using your own logic of DFWAB why would you want to
fight with the tie rod end unless you suspected it was bad? This particular
part requires a special tool of its own to remove unless you are good enough
with a hammer to not damage it.

 I for one would like to see your write-up justifying such a course of
action. I'm certainly not an expert but I dont think I'm missing anything in
this case.


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