Air Conditioning woes

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It could be a bad Multifunction Switch. Bentley has a procedure for

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> Hi all,
> Looking for a little help/advice.  Just recently bought my 200 20v, and
> that it's getting hot... time to troubleshoot the inop AC.
> I'm not getting voltage to the compressor clutch.  I've checked both the
> and low cutout switches, no problem there.
> I jumped voltage to the compressor, works fine and actually blows very
> air.  Pressures are good, about 250 hi side and 36 low side at idle.
> a plus!
> I attempted to trace the voltage supply line for the clutch back to its
> relay, and there is where I ran into trouble.  Bentley says position 4 on
> aux relay panel.  I'm looking at the panel above the clutch pedal, right?
> Relay 4 is that noise-maker for door ajar/key in...  So I checked relay 5,
> just to 4's right, and that is the lamp warning relay, just as indicated
> Bentley.  So I'm pretty convinced I'm looking at the correct position, but
> the wrong relay.
> Is it possible the ac relay is located elsewhere?  Any BTDTs?  Shortcuts
> maybe that might cause a "no voltage" situation at the comp clutch?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> TIA,
> Dave
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