in situ wheel bearing replacement

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Fri May 31 08:34:10 EDT 2002

>>    A while ago when I was helping engineer a UFO bolt on porsche
>>caliper brake setup (with cut down hubs), someone, I think it was Chris
>>Miller mentioned that Audi may have a wheel bearing press to replace
>>press on bearings in-situ.

So, you're replacing the UFO hubs (which don't fit in normal Audi rotors cause they're too wide) with either modified UFO hubs, or with S4/V8 hubs?
As I recall, there were a few places that rented such a tool for cheap (plus deposit); think Wolfsport or one of the VW places in NY.  Might also try a FLAPs, they're pretty good about having tools for loan/rent.
You can also search the audifans quattro list for more info.

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