Air Conditioning woes

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Fri May 31 08:37:53 EDT 2002

>Hi all,
>Looking for a little help/advice.  Just recently bought my 200 20v, and now
>that it's getting hot... time to troubleshoot the inop AC.
>I'm not getting voltage to the compressor clutch.  I've checked both the high
>and low cutout switches, no problem there.
>I jumped voltage to the compressor, works fine and actually blows very cold
>air.  Pressures are good, about 250 hi side and 36 low side at idle.  That's
>a plus!

Try pulling the connector from the multi function temp sensor on the coolant rail, radiator fan side of the engine.  It may be sending a false overheat (ground) signal, which will shut off the A/C compressor clutch.  If it works with this disconnected then you need to replace this sensor.

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