suspension upgrades

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Fri May 31 08:51:06 EDT 2002

Changed out my front struts from UFO to G60-style struts last Sat. pm.
replaced front lower control arms with new ($75 each)
replace sway bar end bushings with new (included with above)
replaced front flex brake lines with new ($50)
replace one short hard brake line with new ($3.50)
replaced wheel bearings with new ($80)
replace strut bearings with new ($20)
replaced strut bump stops with new ($30)
put Eibach springs in front, with existing Koni strut inserts
put on System 2 brakes (m.y. 2000 Porsche Carrera monoblock calipers over m.y. 2000 Audi S4 rotors).
took off snows and put on summer rubber...
Also this week:
aligned car
put on new rear (race compound) brake pads

Will be replacing some of the rear subframe bushings as they are visibly bad.  Track season is here...

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