bearing replacement

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Fri May 31 07:43:39 EDT 2002

Keith, see my response to Steve, also my Wheel Bearing Postmortem.

I've always been able to remove the tie rod end from the steering arm with a
bearing puller and hammer, with cursing added as needed.  Much less of a
fight than trying to remove an inner race from a hub, if unnecessary.

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>> My first Q in response:  If you are thinking of doing the job yourself and
>> want to do it right, why are you looking for a means of in situ
> replacement?
>> IMO, a flawed plan.  Don't fix what ain't broke!  That requires detail part
>> inspection, and lots of other stuff needs PM while you are in there.  You
>> may have to rent or borrow the use of a hydraulic press to do it right, but
>> do so.
> I'm probably gonna regret this but.........
> I dont agree Bernie. I work on T44's everyday and I can't think of one
> reason to remove the strut assembly on a T44 for bearing service assuming you
> have the tool for  the job. Removal of the CV axles don't require it. The
> brakes dont require it. The wheel speed sensors certainly dont.
> The only reasons to remove the strut assembly at all is to change the
> springs and/or the strut bearings. Everything else can be serviced or PM'd
> with the strut in place. Using your own logic of DFWAB why would you want to
> fight with the tie rod end unless you suspected it was bad? This particular
> part requires a special tool of its own to remove unless you are good enough
> with a hammer to not damage it.
> I for one would like to see your write-up justifying such a course of
> action. I'm certainly not an expert but I dont think I'm missing anything in
> this case.
> Keith

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