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> Keith, see my response to Steve, also my Wheel Bearing Postmortem.
>  I've always been able to remove the tie rod end from the steering arm with
>  bearing puller and hammer, with cursing added as needed.  Much less of a
>  fight than trying to remove an inner race from a hub, if unnecessary.

 Next time I get a former Northeast V8 in the shop that needs the tie-rod
removed I'll give you call so you can demonstrate. I actually resorted to a
torch in one case and I have the right tools!

 Even with a hub shark bearing removal isnt easy but its fairly quick when
using a 1/2 inch impact.

 On another note......I have a contact at SKF looking into finding the
industrial ID of the T44 bearings for purchase on the open market. These
bearings are a standard industrial bearing relabled for automotive use. Once
the ID is found it can be purchased from any bearing supplier for a much
lower price.


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