Air Conditioning woes

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Fri May 31 12:56:47 EDT 2002

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Thanks for the tip.  Tried that last night after looking at Scott Mockrey's
site.  No avail.
  I'm a little confused by the diagnostics available thru the climate contro
unit.  I ran thru the "quick check" as descibed in Bentley D8-70 (I think),
and didn't run into any problems until I got to the comppressor engaging
part.  I put in into check mode, went to channel 17, and all I got was a dot,
which sent met to some voltage checks at the AC programmer plug.  Had to quit
there, was too late.
  The funny thing was, I looked throught the flowcharts for the multi switch,
coolant temp sensor, hi and low cutoff switches, etc... and they sort of look
like "no win" situations within the flowchart.  You'd think there would be
some indication that there was either a fault, or a correct functioning.
Doesn't seem to be the case.  I'll have to review tonight, I just had time
for a quick scan of this section, and have never used this technique before
on an Audi.
  Hey, at least it seems to hold R12!!


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