euro lights/ecodes - long and nerdy - and post warning

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Fri May 31 14:35:28 EDT 2002

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Points taken... they seem valid.  Does POS = piece of s**t?  I'll have to
look into that (cable) situation.  I did have one 89 200 that kept losing its
charge on the battery.  I measured resistance on that cable between the
alternator and the battery, 2ohms!!  A simple cleanup of the terminals and
posts that the cable joins at, and resistance dropped to .1 ohms... and
solved the discharge problem.  Still got unreliable info from the dash volt

It has just been my experience that using the jump post has never led to any
problems.  I have an urq w/euros about 6 yrs old... nothing.  I had a 89 200
for 2 1/2 years... nothing (2 relay version).  I just installed some into my
20v 200, using 4 relays this time... 10 gauge feeds, 12 gauge to the lights,
10 gauge from the lights to ground, 40 amp 4 post relays.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

Any insight on my AC problem?  Specifically, where is the AC relay?  Position
4 is that little noise maker nuisance that I have routinely pulled on every
Audi and VW I've ever owned, with no effect on AC.  I'd like to troubleshoot
this thing, but can't find the current track (to the comp clutch).  Sure
works great when jumped, at least I won't have to use my precious R12.


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